Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
We use only environmentally friendly products that are safe for our planet and for your family, with breakthrough technology your carpets will be cleaner then ever before. That is how and why we are the best.
  1. We pre-vac your carpets with a hospital grade vacuum cleaning filtration system of .001 microns, which is less then a hair, to remove any loose dirt, grime or soil to eliminate brown patches appearing during recovery period, and also to avoid dust transfer to keep your air clean for allergy and Asthma sufferers.
  2. We pre-spray your carpets with the appropriate product to loosen any build-up soil, stains and unpleasant hosts that might have attached themselves to your carpets loosened for extraction.
  3. To complete the process, we groom your carpets removing any swirl marks and then apply our eliminator that will encapsulate any odours and softens your carpets, leaving them looking, feeling and staying cleaner longer. For the best clean the green clean call Greencat for all your carpet needs.
Greencat Carpet Cleaning professionals own their own expert equipment, which they take great pride in using to get you the best possible result. Prior to beginning a job, we will go through with you the entire process, answering any questions you might have and discuss possible results for any trouble areas. We clean to Australian national standards, using the most advanced products and equipment, and are experienced in the wide range of extra protections available.

What Greencat Carpet Cleaning Can Offer You!

Greencat Carpet Cleaning offer free, no obligation quotes at your home or workplace, to give you an accurate price on a quality job and reliable service. Our premium services include:
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery
  • Fabric & Carpet Protection
  • Mattresses Steam Cleaning
  • High Rise Apartments
  • Commercial Buildings
Please give us a call on 0438 326 858 to meet your local Greencat Cleaning professional! *Note – some services are not available in all areas. Please contact us to discuss the range of services available to your home.

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